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Cardiac Imaging _ Cardiology 2019

Cardiac imaging is a technique which is used to monitor the functioning and the condition of the heart muscle and its valves. Imaging technique helps in understanding any disorder caused to the heart or any kind of disorder that might occur soon. Cardiac imaging is further divided into invasive and non-invasive imaging techniques. By methods of Angiogram in which dye is injected into the bloodstream and based on the movement of the dye, the images are collected. Also, there are methods of using ultrasound for imaging purpose, this is used in Echocardiogram and is a non-invasive method for monitoring the heart and its functions. Thus, cardiac imaging is a wide branch and a useful methodology in medicine.

Cardiac surgery _ Cardiology 2019

Cardiac surgery is an invasive method used for the correction of certain disorders/defects caused to the heart. This surgery is done only by cardiac surgeons and helps in the correction of ailments caused, if the patient is suffering from blood clot then the doctors commence an open heart surgery wherein the clot is either removed and a stent is placed or the clot is removed using angioplasty method. In this method, the need for open heart surgery is not required with minimal loss of blood and with the help of catheters the clot is removed thus helping the heart function to be in stable condition. Also, for various types of valve replacements and for implantation in the heart, cardiac surgeries are carried out.

Heart failure _ Cardiology 2019

Heart failure occurs when the heart muscle fails to pump the blood, which takes place due to narrowed blood vessels, taking medications for other diseases & also due to high blood pressure. It is also a major disorder which can be fatal if not treated properly in proper time. Changing to the healthy lifestyle can decrease the risk of heart failure. Heart failure also occurs if there is stiffness caused by the organ and thus will cause disorders in the heart muscle to pump blood. Heart failure can occur due to blocks or for the patient who had suffered previously from the heart attack. If a patient is detected with heart failure, then there is a need for immediate treatment and surgery based on the condition of the heart.

Cardiomyopathy_ Cardiology 2019

Cardiomyopathy is a disease which is caused to the heart muscle, this disorder affects the heart muscle and thus causes alteration it the size, shape, and structure of the heart muscle and also causes discomfort to the patients in various ways such as swelling of legs, breathlessness and also causes heart failure. Cardiomyopathy can be divided into various types based on the effect it has on ventricles and on the heart muscle. It causes discomfort to the patient due to the stiffening and stretching of the ventricles. It shows no signs and symptoms during the early stages of cardiomyopathy. It mostly occurs due to hereditary traits of the parent genes.

Sports cardiology _ Cardiology 2019

Sports Cardiology is a branch of cardiology also known as exercise cardiology is also an important field of medicine as well as in the field of sports. There has been a number of incidents where the athletes from different field of sports have undergone cardiac arrests and other cardiac-related issues. There also have been deaths taking place in the field due to cardiac arrest among sports personalities. On contrary sports is one a major part for the healthy functioning of the heart, there are many benefits for the heart if a person is a sports player, sports help in proper circulation of the heart, normal blood pressure and also helps in pumping more blood throughout the body. Sports cardiology helps in knowing the heart condition during extreme work and during rest by monitoring process. Healthy Benefits for Heart due to SportsMyocardial Fibrosis Prevention of Heart DisordersTests that Help Understand the Disorders in HeartRisks Involved in Sports

LVAD _ Cardiology 2019

" A left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is a pump that we use for patients who have reached end-stage heart failure."
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